Welcome to
The Bird Keepers Association
Welcome to
The Bird Keepers Association

Welcome To The Bird Keepers Association

The purpose of the BKA is based on bringing like minded people together to share experiences, discuss breeding techniques, housing, diets, medication and to create a market place for those who wish to find a suitable home for their surplus stock of birds.

Although based in Essex the BKA’s Bird & Equipment sale days, which are normally held in February, September & November each year (subject to Covid-19 & Avian Flu), are supported by enthusiasts from far & wide.

We are proud that since November 2014 the date of our inaugural meeting we have encouraged & supported many to follow our absorbing hobby.

You can browse the bird library, join us at our virtual conferences (to be announced) and to purchase a membership to support the BKA.

The Bird Keepers Association is an organisation for those who are interested in either Australian Finches & other seed eaters, African Waxbills, Parrots, Budgerigars, Doves, Quail, Canaries, British Birds & Softbills and are fascinated by the possibility of owning & breeding birds whilst enjoying their colour, antics & the feeding and breeding habits of our feathered friends.

Breeding birds in captivity has also resulted in the preservation of many species which would hitherto suffer from the destruction of their natural habitat

The formation of the Bird Keepers Association was born out of the frustrations which, from our experience, many bird keepers have when attending a bird club on a regular basis or where the hardworking secretary was tasked with filling each monthly meeting with a subject of interest. The meeting was invariably attended by the same members normally in the evening when it was impractical & undesirable for members to bring along their birds for sale, show or discussion. The BKA has created an environment where members, breeders and those who are not just interested in keeping birds but also watching their antics either in the wild or in the aviary and bird room of others, can come together in a friendly & sharing manner to explore the richness of the bird keeping hobby.


Visit the BKA shop for products currently available.

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Here at the Bird Keepers Association we hold multiple events through out the year for all to come and enjoy the camaraderie whilst viewing birds of all types and to benefit from the support of our suppliers of cages, seed, egg food and equipment and so much more.

The BKA’s next meeting 18/9/2022

Venue: COWDRAY HALL, LONDON ROAD, WEST THURROCK, RM20 3JE Date: Sunday 18th Sept 2022 Visitors time: 10am (we may be...

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Diary Note: Next Sale Day

We are pleased to announce that due to the demand for another BKA meeting to facilitate our bird breeder clients...

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event attendance

To Book a table please go to BKA Shop

See below for our standard terms for table hire & entrance for visitors. Fees: Table hire £10 if booked on...

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Please click the link above to see details of the next event.

Fees: Table hire £10 if booked on line at  Members discount of 50% on the first table. If arriving on the day without advance booking £15 assuming space available!

Visitors £5 which includes a FREE Drinks Token

Delicious bacon rolls & hot drinks. FREE parking.

Enjoy the camaraderie of other bird keepers

Look for the updated list of birds arriving on Facebook