The BKA event supported by the WFS

The Bird Keepers Association held its 14th Bird & equipment sale on Sunday 18th FEBRUARY this time without the shenanigans from the anti caged bird fanatics.

The BKA, it’s well known acronym,  surpassed all its targets this time with in excess of 200 visitors making their way into the Cowdray Hall, WEST Thurrock where in excess of 700 birds were on display from breeders from as far away as Northampton to the north and Southampton to the South.

An important feature of BKA’s success is its ability to reach out & appeal to all like-minded Bird Keepers. Social media plays an important part as does the tenacity of its volunteers.

It is important for instance to build a list of members & supporters and to be able to issue reminders of forthcoming events and in fact any newsworthy matters. The BKA use the Rhino Text Platform and at every show more mobile numbers are added to the list.

In addition its new web site encourages bird keepers to share stories, photos and Bird breeding tips

Malcolm Thornton, the Chairman & joint founder of the BKA said “we decided at the outset back in August 2014 that the Association should live for its members, supporters & in fact all Bird Keepers interested in all species of birds whether budgies, parrots, canaries, waxbills, Australian finches & softbills. We were of the opinion that Bird Keepers would rather meet up 4 times a year rather than once a month at night as was normal and this would help to focus on providing a much needed service & venue to support breeders who wished to seek new blood lines , sell surplus stock but most important of all to create an environment where all can meet up & share experinces.

Luke Stephenson photographer who is building up a reputation capturing captive caged birds on film accepted an invitation to join the BKA event and delighted the few with pictures of their favourite birds & free of charge!

One such Bird was a Timor Sparrow (Padda Fuscata) bred by the Chaiman Malcolm Thornton and others featured a Hecks Grass Finch, Kakarikis & Canaries.

The BKA finally won recognition of its standing within the birdworld when the Waxbill Finch Society accepted an invitation to attend its function. Adrian Walls representing the WFS exclaimed the wow factor as so many old & new Waxbill patrons visited the WFS stand.

The BKA owes its success to its hard working volunteers Len March, Christine Hindle, Dave Clark, Peter Coleing, John & Moya Waddell,  Alasdair Greenyer, John Hlustic & Ray & Sue Thornton

The next BKA Bird meetings In 2018 will be on 20/5, 16/9 & 18/11



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