wp_20160925_10_28_29_prowp_20160925_10_31_43_proIt was in November 2014 that the BKA launched its first Bird Sale event. If I recall it was pouring with rain but the enthusiasm of the bird breeders out there ensured it was a success. The one negative to ensure growth in the BKA’s bird marketing strategy is the lack of parking at St Augustines Hall so on 14 Feb last the Mill Hall, Rayleigh was appointed (at great expense) to provide bird keepers a much better experience to market their surplus stock and to give others an opportunity to select new birds for their breeding season. However the St Augustines Hall venue has ensured the success of the BKA’s dream and the event held on 25th Sept was no exception. New members and helpers are welcome and our thanks must go to Peter Coleing and his colleague Dean, Len who handles all bookings, Alistair Greenyer, Kyla Thornton & Christine, not forgetting John & Moya Waddle and Dave Clarke for their devotion to the cause!


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