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  1. HI ALL
    I Have had a fungal infection in my aviary brought in on a purchase of canaries 27 in total at a cheep price to many birds to quarantine so took a chance and put them all in my aviary only to find out later birds dying new and this year young to Bumblefoot never had it before or new anything about it lost nearly half ,
    so will be looking a lot closer in the future and where there purchased from , salt water baths and a triple antibiotic cream to try and save as many as possible , so cheep doesn’t always pay.
    will try and make one of your new meeting venues .
    All the best to you all.
    Alan Green

    1. Hi Alan
      Sorry for the delayed response! Just noticed your email
      Look forward to seeing you at our next event on 18th February 2018 at the Cowdray Hall, 560 London Road, WST THURROCK, RM20 3BJ

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