Accommodation for Waxbills

The four flights measuring approximately 3ft wide 6ft in height and 4ft long are almost ready to house my Waxbills. Last year there was insufficient light so I stripped the timber & felt roof of the shed and replaced it with 3 ply Polycarbonate sheeting which has of course made a world of difference. I will be housing 2 pairs of Purple Grenadiers, Goldbreasts, a pair of Pictorellas, Orange Cheeks and a pair of Blue Caps.
I use a Waxbill Seed mixture from Planet Aviary and a proprietary egg food which I mix with my own preparation of boiled eggs, Broccioli, carrots and peas
I also add buffalo worms and pinkies but use frozen worms as I find it easier to manage frozen than live foods!
Wish me luck for 2022!