Additional birds arriving on 24/4

Additional Birds and products arriving – just notified from bird breeders – on 24/4 at the Bird Keepers Association show at Cowdray Hall, West Thurrock, RM20 3JE
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Pair of blue throat robins
Cock blue throat robin
3-4 pairs English gold finch nice red masks
Cock English gold finches
Exhibition fife Canarys around 10
Borders big birds around 10
Pair of large rose finches
X2 pairs of exhibition Norwich Canarys
Bullfinch x canary mule cock
Gold finch x bullfinch mule cock
White gold finch mule cock siskin Mule cock
Blue and white corona Canaries
New colour Canaries
Red pole mule cock
Green finch mule cock
3 pairs mutation love birds
Hand reared black cake parrot
Hand reared bf Amazon
Tame Blue crown conure
Proven pair Alexandra parrots
Red rumps
Blue black bird hen
Orange headed ground thrush hen Pygmy doves
Blue ground doves
Collard doves
Twite mules all cocks
Crimson bellied conures
Sierra parakeets
Swift parakeets
Elegant parakeets

also peales parrot finches and mt katanglad parrot finches

Some specialised products:
Ground pollen, Fonio paddy,
Slaats insectivore patee, Uni pellets
Softball plus , Tagetes, Triovit &

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday