Glimpsed my first Red Siskins at Zwolle, Holland last year and was determined to obtain a pair. Eventually located a pair from Luke a breeder in Worthing and here they are! Today I put in a ‘canary’ nest pan in their cage so here’s hoping for babies!  I am introducing egg food and sprouting seed 3 times a week to influence their decision to mate, Fingers crossed

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  1. Hi Malcolm
    Just looking for some advice , I will be in Amsterdam in 2-3 weeks and while I am there was hoping to bring back 6-7 goldfinches from a friend over there , I don’t drive so would I be ok to keep the birds in my room on the trip back to the UK as I would not have a car to leave them in , any advice you can give would be most welcome , look forward to your reply .
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Jim
      Gold finches? I hope they are a foreign breed? The authorities will/should allow up to 5 birds to come thru border control per person, however I have noticed they don’t care to count birds?
      Just make sure there is a declaration from the vendor stating that the birds are in good condition & free of any illness and preferably rung. The declaration if course should show full contact details.
      Hope that helps

    1. Hi Keith
      I have a pair of Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskins on a nest at the moment but cannot guarantee when or if I will have young available!
      There are two breeders who I know who are breeding them but interestingly no success at the moment.
      If you can diary another approach later this year I may have better news?

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