From personal experience and with rose coloured spectacles!
I was keen to obtain a hen New Britain Manikin (Lonchura Spectabilis) and placed a wanted advertisement on a social media site.
In quite a short space of time a Jean Blaise of Prinzenallee, Berlin, 13357 contacted me and stated that he had the bird I wanted.
He asked me for 121 Euros and he would ensure the bird was couriered to my home address. However when he asked me to send the money via a Western Union address I was suspicious but after many emails together with a photo of the bird for sale I succumbed to the temptation.
His email address was
As soon as the money was sent and collected he happened to mention that there was an additional 450 Euros required for the courier but that would be refunded as soon as the bird arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naturally he hasn’t responded to my request for the return of my money

So beware all bird breeders?


  1. Alan Green 4 years ago

    They dont have to be in Berlin try Palmer Birds in Cornwall. A breeder with out a conscience as long as he’s got your money.
    would not recommend keep well away.

    • Stuart whiting 4 years ago

      Thank you for the heads up Alan, I was also informed about the palmers being money grabbers ??

      Yep quite agree, best to stay well clear and avoid at all costs ?

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