Daylight is so important for Foreign Finches

As a beginner at keeping foreign finches I have been learning how best to keep them. I endeavour to talk to other breeders and the recent Essex Bird Keepers Association bird sale show last Sunday 27 Sept was a very fertile ground for such information! I keep and breed Zebras, Diamond Fire Tails and Bichenos’s or Owl Finches). One important tip I received recently was about the feeding of small finches and how necessary it is to ensure sufficient day light is available to maintain their small vulnerable bodies. Small finches need 15 hours of daylight to be in top health? Easy to understand because of the way they digest their food (seed) and the time it takes. It seems that every 4 to 6hrs they need to eat to maintain their strength and to grow, stay warm and maintain their health. Winter with its shortening of daylight hours is therefore a crucial period to ensure that these small finches can survive. With daylight hours down to under 10 hrs it is recommended to install a full spectrum light on a timer which will ensure all necessary nutrition is available to your birds.


Thanks for reading P Coleing – BKA Member.

  1. peter 6 years ago

    This is what is needed for all new comers like me a place to get information and also pass on tips that help us all look after our birds better. That way we enjoy our hobby far more.

    • Author
      Malcolm 6 years ago

      Thank you Peter. A pleasure to think that what we have started with the BKA will promote the hobby in this way

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