BKA Event Terms & Conditions

This event is only for the sale of hobbyist breeding stock. However members of the public are welcome to browse and buy.


There will be Traders selling goods at the BKA Event & these will range from seeds, supplements, cages, carrying boxes, nets in fact almost everything you need for your bird keeping hobby.

naturally larger cages can accommodate more than two birds 

The allocation of positions will be as the mail and emails are opened. Please enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope with the letter of application, this letter must include the following statement “I agree to the conditions printed on the Bird Keepers Association website” and the letter must be signed. If you have parrots in all wire cages please tell us; we will ensure that your table is in mid row, so that visitors cannot surround your parrot.
Clean cages both inside and out at the prescribed size, are essential. Any tables not to a high standard will be removed and those not allowed to book tables for at least two years. BKA officials will attach your name and table number to the front edge of each table. There will be no Holding Room to look after birds purchased during the Event.
Finches, Canaries, Budgerigars and aviary species of Doves, Quail and Fancy Pigeons can be sold but there must not be more than TWO birds in each show size cage.


Strictly no Birds of Prey  and no other animals.

Confirmation of your booking will be despatched promptly providing it complies with the conditions set out above.

CAGE SIZES as recommended by the PARROT SOCIETY 

PS 1 36 cms 31 cms 17 cms
PS 2 46 cms 38 cms 25 cms
PS 3 46 cms 46 cms 31 cms
PS 4 53 cms 53 cms 31 cms
PS 5 69 cms 69 cms 51 cms
PS 6 79 cms 79 cms 60 cms
PS 7 82 cms 86 cms 66 cms
Macaw Aviary 6 feet 6 feet 4 feet

PS 1 size is a Budgie, Lovebird cage.
PS 2 size is Cockatiel cage.

PS 1 Grass Parakeets, L/Birds, Lorikeets 10 — 21 cms
PS 2 Cockatiels, Conures, small Lory’s 22 — 29 cms
PS 3 Lory’s, Small Amazons & Cockatoos, GMR 30 — 33 cms
PS 4 African Greys, Pennants, B/F Amazons 34 — 45 cms
PS 5 Large Amazons, Umbrella and Moluccan Cockatoos 46 — 48 cms
PS 6 Derbyan, Alexandrine 50 — 58 cms
PS 7 Red-fronted and small Macaws 59 — 64 cms
Macaw Aviary Scarlet, Blue & Gold, Green-winged Macaws over 64 cms

To select size of cage find out length of bird including tail, published in “Parrots of the World” and most other publications and compare with above figures. These sizes allow for two birds per cage. It is in the interest of the birds and BKA’s reputation that all adhere to the correct size.


  1. Birds shall at all times be kept in accommodation that is adequate in construction, size, amenities and positioning in the premises.
  2. Where birds are kept in cages, hutches, boxes or other receptacles which are placed on top of other cages, hutches, boxes or other receptacles, effective means should be provided for preventing water, food or other droppings falling onto or contaminating the Birds food or other surroundings which are underneath.
  3. Birds shall be adequately supplied with suitable food and drink and shall be visited at suitable intervals. All accommodation shall be cleaned daily or as often as necessary.
  4. No bird shall be displayed in a cage, hutch, box or other receptacle in such a position that it be interfered with by other Birds or unauthorised persons.
  5. Birds shall not be handed to customers in unsuitable containers.
  6. Birds and stock shall not be placed or kept in or outside the premises so as to obstruct entrance to or exit from the premises in the case of fire or other emergency.
  7. No bird which is suffering from or could reasonably be suspected of having come into contact with any other animal suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease or which is infested with parasites shall be brought into or kept on the premises unless effectively isolated.
  8. Persons selling birds not as part of a business shall display their name and table number clearly on the table they are trading from.
  9. All bird food shall be stored in suitable covered metal or other impervious closed containers so that the quality of the food can be preserved. These containers should be of such design as to allow easy cleaning.
  10. Authorised representatives of DEFRA and the local authority shall be given immediate access to all birds and relevant documentation upon request. If such access is denied, the licensee, exhibitor, trader and/or owner must withdraw the relevant birds from display or sale with immediate effect.
  11. Birds should not be sold to children believed to be under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by parents or guardians.
  12. All birds shall be housed at least 0.61 metres (2 feet) above ground level. Except for ground dwelling birds which must be housed in such conditions so as not to cause unnecessary stress or suffering.
  13. No smoking shall be permitted in the premises.
  14. Birds shall only be sold in the building.
  15. All parakeets should not be shown in all wire cages.
  16. No more than two birds per show size cage.
  17. Inform the organisers if you intend to show Parrots in all wire cages.
  18. Care sheets should be provided for all birds.
  19. A schedule of all birds brought to the event must be completed and details of purchasers must be included, also of any birds you buy at the event. This schedule must be handed in to the BKA reception stand when you leave the event. Failure to comply with this condition will mean that you will not be able to book tables for 2 years.
  20. I am a hobbyist and abide by the DEFRA definition of a hobbyist.
  21. In connection with all other small birds eg Canaries, Foreign Finches etc  there must not be any overcrowding and in these instances the BKA’s Floor Manager decision will be final. BKA will have available a supply of small cages for £10 each which will assist in the seller decanting his birds.

Your letter requesting a table(s) should clearly show your name and address and be signed. It must also include the following statement:
“I agree to the conditions printed on the Bird Keepers Association website”.