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    The BKA has provided its assistance to the charity “Friends of the Cannizaro park”
    There are many visitors to the Park and the Aviary is the first object a visitor sees
    However the aviary had fallen into disrepair and the birds in the aviary were breeding out of control so the charity asked the BKA for assistance.
    Through the BKA a trusted carpenter was selected and the job of repairing the structure was completed a few weeks ago. New birds were introduced into the aviary for the enjoyment of all the visitors.
    However the vision is for the aviary to be compartmentalised so that a controlled breeding programme can be introduced which will require expansion of the aviary’s present structure and approximately £3500 to be raised by the charity. An additional £1500 is estimated to be required for additional fittings and new blood lines.
    Please go to and search for “Cannizaro”
    Thank you


    Oh she is so beautiful We just bought a puppy 2 days ago. Her name is Rosa, would you have any advice that you think will come in handy? Thank you..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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