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    looking for exhibition type budgerigar hens colour grey or blue any shade to go down with my cock birds end November ideally not outrageous prices as I am a pensioner and not rich do not have to be show quality hopefully I can breed up to that I am only a beginner so learning all the time ideal scenario will be to collect at November show
    regards micheal


    I’ve got a 2018 rung grey hen Michael might have a few violets too not sorted them out yet


    Grey Hen


    Ricky Anderson can you take to next show i would like 4 birds in total the grey and 3 violets would be nice regards micheal


    I do need to have a sort out so I’ll bring what I have


    went to sale but nobody showed up and nobody seems to know you if you still have them please E Mail me as to how or where I can collect cheers micheal burch


    meant to say that you never showed up plenty of people at sale and lots of birds for everyone asked most of vendors about you Ricky and no one seemed to know you as said still want four to six hens blue or grey series and if you have or anybody else whos reading this can help please e mail me at thanks micheal

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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