If you are making your way to Zwolle or other Bird Sale Show the BKA wish to remind you to take note of the following procedures:

“An individual can import up to 5 birds for their own personal collection.

They must have been bred and correctly rung in accordance with the country of origin AND there must be a Health self-certificate from the owner.

The certificate must state that the birds, at the time of dispatch, show no obvious signs of disease and that the holding of origin was not subject to any animal health restrictions

It can be as simple a declaration as “ I have had this bird in my possession for 1 month and during that time it has shown no signs or symptoms of illness”  This of course must include the birds ring number(s), the breeders name and his address or the address of bird holding facility the bird has been kept at.

So you can simply go across on the ferry, go to a bird shop,  sale or breeder, buy up to 5 birds, be given the health declaration & bring them home.

It is advised that you take a “pr-forma” health statement with you (as per the declaration detailed above), so you can ask for it to be completed.

If there are 2 of you in a car, then that is 10 birds between you etc.

Have a good journey
Malcolm Thornton – BKA Chairman


  1. John Gresty 5 years ago

    Hi Malcolm Thornton

    Thank you for your blog

    It’s been very helpful indeed .. Im taking a trip over in the new year to see a great great uncles ww1s grave in Belgium…. wile im there im hoping to purchase some Green Masked love birds ….can you point me in the right direction as to purchase them off …. Many thanks John Gresty

  2. Malcolm 4 years ago

    Unfortunately I cannot help you but may I recommend that you contact The Parrot Society where I am sure you will receive appropriate advice

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