The BKA’s aims have been fully justified and supported by the many visitors and bird breeders who attended the BKA’s final bird sale event of 2015.

I hear on so many occasions from club members that the bird hobby is dying well they must be on another planet certainly not on the BKA planet where all is well !

I have also heard from many bird breeders that the birth of the BKA was long awaited by the many bird breeders in the area and beyond.

The BKA prides itself on the quality of the birds and breeders attending its shows and to bring this to the attention of all it was the BKA’s proud moment to award for the first time a Rosette for the best presented sale exhibits taking into account the well being of the birds which is of paramount importance. Lets hope that all future attendees will rise to the occasion and value this award!

Colin Benson was awarded the valued rosette by our judge of the day Fred Potter and I am sure he will want to win it again at the BKA’s next bird sale show to be held on 14th February 2016 at The Mill Hall, Rayleigh, EssexRosett to Colin Benson 1200 pix

  1. Simon Hughes 6 years ago

    I attended your last Sale Day on 22nd Nov with my two nephews to broaden their horizons.
    They thoroughly enjoyed it and asked many questions.
    While we were there a man asked if he could take a picture of the boys with one of the twins from your club standing in the middle holding a bird.
    The boys keep asking me when the photo will be on your website so i said i would email you.
    Im not a 100% if your member took the photo or someone from the Suffolk and Norfolk Australian Bird Club so i will email them also.
    Many Thanks

    • Author
      Malcolm 6 years ago

      Hello Simon
      I am now able to post a photo of your nephews. Lets hope they are the young bird breeders of tomorrow!

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