A Sample of the breeders and the birds which will be on offer on Sunday 22 November 2015

Mick Howlett: Variety of foreign finches,  Diamond Doves & Java Sparrows. Martin Beven: Fife Canaries & Goldfinch Mules, Shane Colley: Norwich Canaries & Fife Canaries Brian  Gibbs: Kakarikis, Mouatian Parkeets ,Gouldians etc Brian Hart: Budgies. Ivan Gooding: A variety of foreign birds to choose from     Gareth Woods: A large variety of foreign finches, Softbills & Celestials. Malcolm Thornton: Surplus breeding stock of Star finches, Bengalese, pair of Cuban finches and three aviary bred parent reared Pekin Robins Graham Lee: An assortment of Australian Finches

Have you booked your table yet and placed this important date in your diary!!!!


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