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    Aluminum single hung windows are the windows with fixed top and tilt-in bottom sash. The bottom sash moves vertically and is operable to make cleaning easier.
    Product Information
    Model NumberORAWSH1006
    MaterialAluminum profile, glass, ironmongery
    ColorStock color: white, grey and coffee brown. Any other RAL is available to be customized.
    GlassLess than 25mm thickness, single and double glazed available.
    IronmongeryKinglong or HOPO brand
    Mosquito ScreenInsert screen made of aluminum profile with nylon or stainless steel mesh.
    Warranty10 years
    PackageBubble foam for container loading. Bubble foam+steel pallet for LCL loading.
    PaymentTT/Paypal/West Union
    Leading time30-45 days based on your order
    MOQ50sqm in total
    What is more important in saving energy, the frame or the glass?
    Since 80% of a window is glass, real heating and cooling savings come from what is known as “improved glass performance,” not a high R-value on the frame.
    Which glass shall we choose?
    Glass is an important component that impacts the function of the window. We provide a wide range of glass for your choose, how shall I know which glass is better for your house? You can use the following indicative chart to make your selection.
    Glass TypeFunctionality
    Sound InsulationHeat InsulationLightSafety
    Float√√√ √ √ √√
    Tinted√√ √√ √√
    Reflective√√ √√√
    Toughened√√√ √ √ √√ √
    Double glazed normal√ √√ √ √√ √ √ √√
    Double glazed toughened√ √√ √ √√ √ √ √√ √ √ √
    Triple glazed normal√ √√ √ √√ √ √ √√
    Double Glazed Glass offers best solutions for sound insulation, thermal insulation & safety.
    Note: The ticks are not mathematical in nature, just an indication of effectiveness. Four ticks do not necessarily mean twice as effective as two ticks.
    Float GlassDouble Glazed GlassTriple Glazed Glasswholesale Aluminum Windows

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