The Bird Keepers Association will foster relationships between bird keepers to create opportunities for bird keepers to meet at BKA’s regular meetings to exchange information, to attract new entrants to the hobby, to share experiences, to produce case studies, to successfully market surplus birds to other members or members of the public, to swap birds with other members and finally to generate a platform for free advice on breeding, feeding and to maintain healthy birds from BKA’s panel of experts.

Your Association will endeavour to provide the following benefits to all members to satisfy the Aims of the Association:

  1. A minimum of three events each year .
  2. Table fees reduced for members to £5 (or as advertised on this web site) and no door entry fees!
  3. Communication via the Association’s web site, blog, connected social media sites and a regular newsletter.
  4. The Association will field enquiries from members and engage experts accordingly.
  5. A members only web page where information can be shared such as members discounted seed prices & discounted BKA products etc.
  6. We will be campaigning for Members discounts where we can achieve these with trade supplies on the production of a valid membership card.

Annual Subscription Charges

Membership Fees:

Individual Adult Membership fees £15 Annually. Can be paid by Bankers Order.

Children free .  Juniors (from age 13) fees £5.00 payable annually.

Overseas EU (including Eire) £20 / Overseas other than EU £25 / Special Life membership fees £100

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