My pair of Pekin Robins have just completed constructing a nest amongst the overhanging ever green brush in the aviary and laid 3 eggs! With the possibility of chicks falling out of the nest onto the aviary floor i constructed a wire “hammock” and hung it immediately under the nest! Now I am getting ready for the chicks to hatch in about 12 days by stocking up on mini & adult waxworms, frozen pinkies & buffalo worms and hopefully produce some Aliens (the pupae of the Darkling beetle) and some soft white skin mealworms (when the mealworm sheds its hard skin!!) and ensuring there is a dose if vitamin B to help the chicks on their way. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Hi Malcolm. How are you doing with the Pekins. Has anything hatched yet. I used to release a tub of fruit flies into the aviary when they had newly hatched young, and watched for ages as the adults chased after them. Not many got away.
    Let me know how you do.
    Susie xx

    1. Thank you Susie
      Today 22/3 is their third attempt and I have my fingers crossed.
      I am filling the bucket in the aviary with banana skins in the hope that the fruit flies breed!!!
      Anticipated hatching date 29/3

    2. Hi Susie
      I now have bred 4 Pekin Robins!! one cock bird from the first nest and three babies from the most recent NEST.
      Hope to see you on Sunday 27th September 2015. There will be a not insignificant number and variety of birds for sale!!

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