A few months back I decided to accept the challenge of keeping and breeding Pekin Robins, my first ever softbills!
Having read on the internet how to successfully breed Pekins the next step was the most difficult and that was from where would I source my first Pekins!
I am a member of the Brentwood CBS and another member Linda was introduced to me as a breeder of Pekin Robins. As chance would have it she had successfully bred Pekins during the year and had a hen available for sale. She invited my partner and me to see her aviaries and once there I was handed a very instructive sheet  of do’s and dont’s which of course I have since treasured.
Now to find a cock bird which to all intents and purposes was going to be difficult because I was advised that if the introduction does not go to plan the Pekins could end up by seriously fighting. I happened to visit an internet sight Prelove and searched for any sellers of Peking Robins and to my delight I ended up conversing with a bird keeper in Witham (not far away!!) whose cock bird was lamenting the loss of its partner and was singing for a new partner. Naturally it is important for a visit to the seller to ensure that the bird is from a clean and respectable home!! The deal was done and I introduced the cock bird to the hen in my well planted aviary and over the following few days it was evident that they certainly did not want to fight each other!! And now I have a baby in the nest!
I feed my Pekins on a mixture of perle morbide, egg food and pinkies supplemented with mealworms and waxworms together with a culture of mini  waxworms which is a relatively new product from UK Waxworms Limited. The food disappears very quickly now that there is a baby to feed so it is wise to supply fresh food if not three times a day certainly twice a day and not too late in the evening!!
My Pekins are housed in a mixed collection of red faced parrott finches, hecks grass finches, golden breasted waxbills and diamond fire tails. They seem to get on quite nicely but it is important to have dense vegetation to provide security to all the birds. I have been told that when feeding fully grown waxworms one must chop their heads off to avoid the intestines of the young becoming blocked but this advise has been questioned by some? Calcium deficiency will kill the babies so I am dusting all waxworms and food with a calcium enriched powder but I have also been advised that by feeding my mini mealworms with Layers Pellets, which are rich in calcium, will enrich the mini mealworms with the calcium required to bring up healthy chicks!!   Pekins in their next with one baby green background


  1. christine 7 years ago

    Hi Malcolm it was good to read the little story about your pekin robins ..It has been a dream of mine to own a pair and i have been looking for some time do you know of any in this area for sale

    • Author
      Malcolm 7 years ago

      Hi Christine
      Thanks for leaving a post!!
      Always good to communicate!!
      If you ring me on 01702584107 I can talk it thru with you. I can also recommend joining the Foreign Softbill Association. They have a good forum!

    • Author
      Malcolm 6 years ago

      If you are looking for a genuine parent reared aviary bred Pekin Robin I have three babies!!
      I will be selling at least one or maybe two and keeping one back for breeding

      • Christine Ilott 6 years ago

        Hi Malcolm only just seen your message so sorry for the slow response I am still hoping to get a pair of pekin robins but will they be a unrelated pair and if yes how much are you asking … many thanks christine

        • Author
          Malcolm 6 years ago

          Hi Christine
          I think one has to be prepared to pay up to £130 each for a UK aviary bred parent reared bird!!
          One can buy ‘wild’ ‘feral’ birds which seemingly are caught in France or Spain but their age or sex is not known at the outset!!
          I have three babies which can be available but of course they are related. However if you require a pair I know of a breeder who may be able to make up a pair?
          Would you like me to take it further for you?

          • Christine Ilott 6 years ago

            Hi Malcolm,
            Thanks for getting back to me. I am certainly interested but was actually looking to pay £200 for a pair.
            Will understand if you don’t wish to take this further. Please let me know.

  2. christine 7 years ago

    Hi Malcolm sorry for slow reply I did think if you see my comment it would go to my email ( this computer lark is beyond me ) I will go take a look at the softbill web site … is there a good time that I could call you … Thanks again christine

  3. Billy 4 years ago

    Hi ,Malcolm,i have a pair in my flight for over 2years ,but now the cock bird looks as if it is stuck in the moult,also it sits opening & shutting its beak all the time. ,it still eats & flys around the flight, just wondering if ever had this beak problem,

    • Malcolm 4 years ago

      Difficult to diagnose but it may point to a ‘sac’ mite infection however you are correct i have never seen that particular problem in a Peking Robin?
      Good luck and let me know any progress

    • Malcolm 4 years ago

      Just as a matter of interest I have a baby cock bird should you want one!!
      Not trying to take advantage!!
      I was blessed with two babies a brother and a sister

    • Malcolm 4 years ago

      Thought I might let you know that the BKA has a bird sale show at a new venue namely Fryerns Community Hall, Whitmore Way, Basildon, Essex SS14 2NN
      on Sunday 25th June 2017
      Hope to see you there


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