News from BKA regarding it’s bird sale show held on Sunday 13th November 2016

It was unfortunate that The Mill Hall was booked on Remembrance Sunday as that had a marked effect on attendances together with road closures!

Diary note: Avoid Remembrance Sunday next year!

In any event the 150 visitor/bird breeders who attended were well satisfied with the selection on offer. Phil Mumford bird breeder who had a selection of Australian finches on offer won the raffle prize donated by BKA sponsor Essex Bird Centre valued at £50.


After experiencing the formalities of provincial club life where the club would meet regularly each month and have difficulty in attracting more than a score of members, I am continually fortified by the huge number of genuine bird keepers who attend the BKA shows.

On occasions articles have appeared in The Cage & Aviary expounding the benefits of bird sale meetings compared with club meetings. I believe there is room in the market place for the two activities to exist and compliment each other.

Showing birds is undoubtedly the focus of many clubs but it is unfortunate that many clubs report a financial loss after such events.

I experienced a general malaise from club members belonging to such a club which is inevitable when a club follows a rigid and insular activity. I feel that clubs miss the point of their existence. Members are enthusiastic when the opportunity arises to exchange views and sell / buy birds and apart from table sales clubs rarely venture into holding bird sales. Such activities encourage the hundreds or maybe the thousands of bird keepers who keep birds for the simple enjoyment and challenges of breeding not necessarily showing.

However as I have indicated above there is a place for both activities and bearing in mind the work load and marketing & administration involved in organising bird sale events together with the specialist knowledge necessary to organise a successful bird open show it surely makes sense to combine such activities for the future success of clubs and the bird keeping hobby.

The Essex Bird Keepers Association (BKA) has again booked The Mill Hall, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh. Essex SS6 7ED for the 19th February and 22nd October 2017 The BKA management has made this financial commitment because it has received many accolades from bird keepers to maintain such an event in Essex.  So to all members, bird breeders , traders and potential sponsors your support as always is appreciated and we look forward to meeting you again and to having a successful new breeding year.


Such events are successful because of the few who volunteer their services for the good of the hobby and it is they who should receive our very best wishes. To Members of my family namely Ray, Sue, Kyla and my grandsons Sam & Jack who did well selling raffle tickets (how could you say no!!); to my partner Christine; to Len March (Secretary), Peter Coleing (Floor Manager), Dave, Al, Dean & last but not least  John & Moya –  look forward to your support next year

Malcolm Thornton Chairman


Photos feature (1) The Mill Hall, (2) Mick Howlett representing the Norfolk & Suffolk Australian Finch Society (3) Bird breeders enjoying the show (4) Kyla Thornton and family assisting at the door and selling raffle tickets (5) The children’s education corner depicting the story of the egg to the chick conducted by Christine Hindle a practising teacher.


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