THE BKA WILL BE HOLDING ITS 14th BIRD MEETING ON SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2018 @ COWDRAY HALL, 560 LONDON ROAD, WEST THURROCK, RM20 3BJ (behind Ikea on A126) Only a few tables available/ 90% of tables taken up by fellow bird breeders. Seed & equipment from Essex Bird Centre & Bavister Pets & planet Aviaries.

A selection of birds available:

Kakiriki’s: Blue Mutations £100; Blue Fallows @ £300; Blue Pieds from £120; Cream Coloured fom £250; some hand reared  Budgerigars; Emma Conures; Sun Conures; Cock Sierra Parakeet; Mountain Parakeet hen; Senegals. Ringnecks

Strawberries; Yellow Wing Pytilia; Orange Cheeks; Black Faced Quail finches; Lavenders; Red Billed Fire finches; Black Bellied Fire; Red Cheeked Cordon Blues; Green Singers; Village Indigobirds; Gold Breasted Waxbills; Green Backed Twinspots; St Helens Waxbills; Cut Throats; Napoleon Weavers; Spicebirds; Blue & Red Faced Parrotts; Tri Col Forbes; Timor Zebras; Sydney Waxbills; Painted Finches; Diamond Firetails(selection of Fawns, Silver’s & Normals); Hecks  (selection of Fawn, Grey & Cream) Java Sparrows; Silverbills;  Selection Zebra Finches from & £3

Selection of Fife Canaries; Opal Canaries

Siberian Bullfinches; Diamond Doves; Mexican Finches

photograph by a professional photographer of your favourite birds only at the BKA meeting

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