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  • BKA are pleased to announce we have been appointed distributors of this product favourite with all bird keepers & breeders.

Clean & Clear Check Mite. Now the most concentrated product on the market. Fantastic cleaner, is food safe, poison free and bio degradable. Kills all mites by dehydration, moths, flies, spiders, cocci, viruses, bacteria, odours and keeps dust down. Safe to use daily as a mist spray. Give your establishment a new environment every day.


Check-mite is a detergent with a very unique method of eradicating mites, their eggs, viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and fungi etc. Check-mite can be used daily in a 5% solution (1:20) mist spray in the atmosphere to reduce dust levels and keep viruses, bacteria etc down to a low level in a confined environment.

Check-mite will kill cocci cocoysis on the ground on contact (the biggest problem the bird and small animal fancy face today). Check-mite is a great odour neutraliser leaving the establishment with a fresh clean smell. It is also food safe, leaving you with no fear of harming birds or animals in the immediate area of spraying. The method of insect and microorganism eradication is a simple one and will not allow any of these agents to become immune to the effects. Check-mite is such a good grease remover it changes the dirt and grease particles from a positive sticking charge to a negative releasing charge allowing dirt and grease to be removed from surfaces without hard work.

Check-mite’s molecules are so small that on contact with insects, mites and micro – organisms, it easily gets into and strips away the waxy greasy coating protecting the organisms, leaving them exposed, in effect drying them up. Using this method the life cycle of organisms such as mites are broken killing adults and eggs together. Anybody who has been in the bird fancy for any length of time knows of someone troubled with the dusty atmosphere created. This product used daily, will transform the environment for birds and fanciers alike.


Liquid flows and reaches areas that powders cannot. Unaffected by temperature fluctuation and also has a long storage life.

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Weight 2 kg

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