After three unsuccessful attempts my pair of Pekin Robins have produced a robust thriving baby Pekin.

The pair went down immediately on another three eggs but I believe they knew that they had to recover from the stress Pekin Baby just fledged of bringing up a family (of one!) and discarded the chicks two days after they hatched. The hen was last years bird so she now has the hang of bringing up a family . So I am expecting more next year Рfingers crossed!

6 Replies to “Proud to be a breeder of a Pekin Robin baby!!”

  1. We would just like to say a big thankyou to Malcolm who has given us loads of advice and help along the way with our pekin robins we now have 2 babies flown the nest at 11 days old and doing well so far a massive thanks

  2. Well done to you both, shows just the reason I joined the BKA working together we can do so much more, which will improve the way we look after our birds, that they are happy to breed.

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