UPDATED: Some of the Birds arriving on 17/9


Pair green singers
Pair f2 yarrell siskins
Native BRITISH goldfinches
White pied gold finch mule finch
Pair exhibition Norwich Canarys
American Siskin cock – stunning
Pair Mistle Thrushes
Pair classic Spanish sparrows
Pairs of diamorphic Canaries
German roller Canarirs
Water slagger Canaries
Chaffinch hens

Also arriving on 17/9 not to be missed!
white brown opals; red brown opals; red brown mosaics;
red agates; trio grey wings; santanettes; ivory santanettes; “show team” green yorkshire canaries &

redpoll crossbill hybrid & a beautiful cinnamon greenfinch mule 

Ringnecks cleartails blues and yellow white
Pr celestials,  Pied d,doves, Pied java sparrows
Pr plumheads, Young pair barrabands
Fife canaries, Hearts mountain rollers
Cock many colours

We have been notified that the following selection of birds will be arriving on Sunday 17/9

Lineolated/Barred Parakeets
Bourkes, Zebra finches of many colours
Red Rump Hen,Partners
Cockatiels, Bullfinches, British Goldfinches
Conures, Fife Canaries, Grass Parakeets,
Asian Red Turtle Dove
Gouldians, Star Finches, Owl finches, & other Australian finches
A good selection of Budgerigars ( Lutino, Albino, Blues, Spangles) & Canaries

Black Faced Quail finch Cocks, Red Rumps

Gold Breasted Waxbills, Black Bellied Firefinches Cock, Orange Cheeked Waxbills,

Pin Tailed Whydas Cocks, Strawberry Finches, Lavender Waxbills, Green Singers

Grey Singers, Golden Song Sparrows, Red Billed Fire Finches, Red Cheeked Cordon Blues Cocks

Green Backed Twinspots Cocks, Indian Silverbills, Red Headed Finches

Blue Faced Parrot Finches, Yellow Winged Pytilia Cocks

Red Eared Waxbills, Cock yellow and blue gouldians

We are expecting Pekin Robins and an exciting selection of SOFTBILLS
There will be an interesting selection of used cages to help the beginners to start this absorbing hobby