We are truly pleased at the response we are receiving from breeders and members of the public alike who have thrown their support and enthusiasm behind the Bird Keepers Association’s inaugural event to be held on Sunday 23 November 2014 at St. Augustines Church Hall, Thorpe Bay. Booked so far to attend the event are breeders with a fascinating variety of coloured canaries, Australian finches, Japanese Quail , baby lovebirds, and many more. There will be cages and equipment for sale and with all the advice on tap there won’t be anything standing in your way to become a bird keeper!!

In our quest to bring together bird keepers we have been surprised by the number of people who have aviaries in their back garden or those who have always wanted to keep and breed our little feathered friends but need an Association like the BKA to kick start their hobby.

We look forward to an entertaining day

Exhibitors attending:

Phil Powell of Smilers Farm Aviaries – Phil is a growing influence within the local ‘fancy’ for the supply of birds of all types
Jackie & the Essex Bird Centre – Cages and equipment. Agents for Perle Morbide breeders preferred soak seed
Gareth Woods – Well known & respected supplier of foreign finches
Len March – Champion Coloured Canary breeder
Barry Thomas – Foreign Finch & Lovebird breeder & water fowl breeder
Malcolm Thornton – Novice breeder of Australian Finches, Waxbills & Fife Canaries
Lee Bennett – Breeder of foreign finches
Ivan Goodings – Breeder who will be presenting cockatiels, budgerigars & more
Wendy Faeirs – Bird Craft products from the house of Wendy Davis
Dynamite Gifts – Chris & Andrew will present their mugs with your favourite photo
BKA Members Products – refurbished equipment to help entry into this entertaining hobby plus a BKA quail coop with special show discount
Christine’s craft centre for children – Attract British birds into your garden with BKA feeders and wild bird food

We are privileged to welcome the support of the Waxbill Finch Society (http://www.waxbillfinchsociety.org.uk/)
and the Australian Finch Society
& more!




& More to come!!



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