Gold Crest in a cage   On Saturday I received a telephone call from a local property owner who said that they had found a  bird lying on their lawn not moving! They had scooped it up and brought it indoors out of harms way. They didn’t know much about birds but thought it was a British Goldfinch. With little knowledge of whom to contact they went onto Google and googled bird keepers and of course we were there to assist! Knowing our Goldfinches we realised it wasn’t a Goldfinch! and with the help of one of our members the little bird was identified as a British Gold Crest which seemingly likes to winter here from places similar to the Scandinavian countries. However unusually there was a long silver ring on the little birds leg with the inscription as follows: MUSE L PARIS 2Y6429 So if anyone can throw any light on the reasons for the ring please contact us!! Burt there was a magic moment yet to come! Because Gold Crests like to feed on insects they find in conifer trees we introduced the bird into a friends garden which has a proliferation of conifers! The little Gold Crest was freed from our show cage to the delight of all who attended the ‘event’. All were watching its antics when suddenly swooping in from behind us and landing on the branches of the same tree was another Gold Crest. Incredible since no one in attendance had sever seen a British Gold Crest before. Both little Gold Crests lived happily ever after we hope! Gold Crest showing his crest


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